Monday, November 22, 2004

The Little Engine That Pokes

The day after we heard our baby's heartbeat for the first time we'd finished our breakfast and were about to drink some of Rob's home-roasted coffee (don't worry, I only drink ½ a mug per day) when I felt this little poke from the inside. Then again! And again!! And again for the next hour or so and throughout the rest of the day and today. We're very excited to have this new "communication" from our baby (maybe s/he was sending Morse Code) and look forward to feeling the pokes become stronger. Rob can't wait until he can feel it from the outside. Before too long Baby Barrett will be keeping us both up at night with his/her soccer moves. :-)


Blogger Suzanne Duke said...

Dear Crystal and Rob:

So excited about hearing the news of the new little one poking around. I pray he/she won't keep you up too much. We are grateful to the Lord for knowing you and are praying for a very safe and blessed pregnacy for Crystal.

The Dukes of Texas

6:09 PM  

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