Thursday, April 28, 2005

(Im)Patiently Waiting

We've had quite a few friends email to see if we're still pregnant. I figured keeping you all in suspense might be fun, but Rob suggested that I do the kind thing and update you. Ok, fine. :-) We are still pregnant. Our little countdown clock tells us that we're 5 days away from our due date.

The problem is that I'd convinced myself that this baby was coming early. Well, she's running out of time!!! And I out of patience. I really have no right to be impatient. Like I said, we haven't even reached the due date. Plus, I feel very good (still hiking the 2 miles into town, running up and down the stairs, sleeping reasonably well, etc) and Rob has a pretty flexible schedule so we don't have any real time constraints on us. But...I'm impatient nonetheless. It doesn't help that my uterus has been faking us out for a couple of weeks now. There's been more than one night that we've gone to bed certain that my somewhat regular contractions would continue to increase in strength and frequency, I'd awake in the late stages of labor (having slept through most of it), and we'd calmly make our way to the hospital to give birth a couple of hours later. Ok, it's a little fanciful, I know. But I can dream. Anyway, as soon as my uterus decides to quit toying with us and join me in my eagerness to bring Bunny to the outside world you'll be the first (or at least in the top 100) to know.


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