Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Tastes of Home

When the advertiser from the local convenience store dropped through our mail slot this week we were immediately drawn to the “American Classic” displayed on the front page. It’s always nice to have a little taste of home, right? Well…you be the judge. Next time I am in Alabama, I’ll definitely have to stop off for one of these. Or I can enjoy it now for the bargain price of 4 for a pound!

Just in case you can’t make out the description at the bottom of the label it says, “Thick and Creamy Fudge flavour yogurt layered over a think Fudge sauce with a separate helping of Milk Chocolate coated Digestive Biscuit balls and Fudge pieces.” MMMmmm…. There’s nothing like the promise of digestive biscuit balls to get me longing for home.

To be fair, there are some American snack foods peddled under the banner "English" that I know would make any common Englander cringe. Here's a good example.

We've mentioned before that one of the great things about living in England is the cheese. The variety and flavor are fantastic (and we hear it pales in comparison to what can be found on the mainland!). So to have "English" and "Pasteurized Process Cheese" appearing on the same label must be quite an insult.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just think - it's only three or four months till Ellie will be able to tuck into this stuff and smear it all over herself - I look forward to the photos! The yoghurt, I mean - please don't let her develop a taste for anything described as "cheese" (Old English or otherwise) that comes in a jar ;-)

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