Monday, December 27, 2004

Let it Snow!

After a long (but not as long as it was supposed to be) flight, we arrived in Virginia on Monday to celebrate Christmas with our families. We've been having a great time seeing everyone and eating too much, but the big fun was today when we woke up to a blizzard! The weather was saying "chance of snow, with an accumulation of 3-5 inches" but it had reached that by the time we got home after church, and now it's at 11" and still climbing.

Crystal and I couldn't resist the opportunity to build a snowman (and lob a few snowballs at each other!). Since Crystal has been saying for a few weeks that her growing bump has made her feel a bit like a snowman, it seemed only right to make a pregnant snow-woman! When it seemed that we were making things a little too anatomically correct, we added a modesty scarf. I tried to get Crystal to pose so we could compare size and shape but she declined.

Let it snow!


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