Thursday, March 20, 2008

Help! Piglet (Me)

Ellie is enjoying both reading Pooh stories with Mummy and watching some of the video versions of the stories. In one of her favorites, Piglet is in jeopardy in a flood, so writes a rescue message that reads, "Help! P-P-Piglet (Me)".

Here's Ellie's version:

I promise, all I did was tell her which letter came next. When I said "G", I quickly added that she didn't know how to write it. She replied, "Sure I do — you write a 'C' and then you add a...there!" Who knew? Where'd she learn that? You might notice that her "M" and "E" have quite a bit of enthusiasm behind them — not to mention that "ME" was written twice. (Please pardon the extra "L" — there wasn't an easy way to erase, so we pretended to erase it).

After writing the vital note, the next steps were to roll it up and then put it into a bottle (ok, a jam jar will have to do). I'll save you the throwing the bottle part!

If you'd care to watch the video version, here y'go!


Blogger Tea N. Crumpet said...

I just stopped in while looking for a picture of a robin. I nixed the robin but got caught up in your life. Sweet pictures, beautiful family!

7:36 PM  

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