Thursday, February 17, 2005

6 lbs of Broccoli??

Shopping has been an adventure here in many ways, but one of the key issues has been the hauling of groceries without a car. Crystal has borne the burden of "grocery pack mule" for these past six months. Various techniques have been explored, including

  • tottering on her bike with big bags of groceries hanging off of the handlebars,
  • procuring a trolley and loading it up for the trek home from the store,
  • taking the bus and trying to dig out change with piles of groceries, and then having the driver ignore her and miss the stop so she had to carry things for 1/2 a mile (actually, she stashed several bags under a convenient bush so that I could have the pleasure of fetching them!),
  • and now -- online shopping!!
Some (including myself when it was first suggested) may consider it an extravagance, but between the time savings, the bus fare savings, and the ability to buy in bulk, the £4 delivery charge disappears pretty quickly. However, there are a few unexpected hazards. Crystal has given the Tesco web site very high marks because of its design. It allows searching and browsing by aisle, viewing products on the shelf, price comparisons, lists of previously purchased items, places for adding notes about how green one wants one's bananas, etc. But in the end we may never quite know what button got pushed that resulted in the delivery man showing up yesterday with a bag full of 6 lbs. of broccoli.... At least we won't have to worry about cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, or heart disease for awhile.


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