Sunday, October 29, 2006


Sometimes it's difficult to measure one's progress toward completing a PhD dissertation. But one indication of progress is the accumulation of more books. By this measure I'm doing pretty well, with the aid of my supervisor distributing some of his father's theology books to his students and a used book sale by St. John's college library. Regardless, the piles of books around my office began to indicate the need for a new bookcase. I actually already had an assemble-yourself bookcase lying around waiting to be assembled-myself, so now appeared to be the time.

The Clock

“You'll need these nails, Dad”

The instructions indicated that it should be possible to assemble it in one hour if two persons dedicated themselves to the task. Crystal asked, "How long do you think for one adult and a toddler?" We set ourselves to find out.

“Right here”

“I hope he doesn't mess up!”

Some of my fondest memories from childhood through adulthood are of helping my dad with projects (though usually much more beautiful projects than hacking together a store-bought bookcase, but ya gotta start somewhere!), so it was a delight to have Ellie excited to lend a hand.

Final Assembly

Mission Accomplished

Now that's progress, both as a student and as a father-daughter team!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Rob-daddy-builder,

You're awesome, man! I bet your dad is grin'in' ear to ear 'round the backside!

5:29 AM  

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