Sunday, April 13, 2008

Day Zero: The Waiting Game

Today's our due date for "li'l sister" to arrive. Crystal's been having lots of contractions for lots of days now. They're pretty regular and strong, but don't go anywhere. We went to the hospital yesterday to monitor the baby for a little while and get Crystal checked over. Everything is good and the midwives confidently predicted that we'd be delivering sometime within the next two weeks or so. Such pinpoint accuracy! We all want detailed predictions, but that just doesn't seem possible when you're in pre-labor.

Just in case, they've scheduled us for an induction on the 25th. Hopefully we won't need that appointment since Grandma and Grandpa are only here until the 22nd!

Ellie's being very patient and is excited about her little sister's arrival. We had a nice snow last week and here's a shot of the snow gruffalo we made together and the gruffalo's child that Ellie added. (Notice the poisonous wart on the end of the gruffalo's nose and the prickles on his back).


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