Friday, July 25, 2008

Kissable Cheeks

Some cheeks constantly challenge one's ability to resist kissing them. We're not very good at resisting.

And who knew that Ellie had been carefully observing me in the night? She often comments in the morning that my snoring woke her up and she looked in the bed to make sure it was me. (I'm hoping this is more of a ritual-story-pattern than a nightly reality!). In any case, she presented me with this drawing today. Fortunately, she's always happy to give an interpretation.

That's me, lying in my bed, on my pillow, eyes closed, mouth frowning, with my arms out but the rest of me covered with a blanket. And there's my nightstand over to the side. When Crystal asked about why I had a frowny face, Ellie was all ready with an answer, "That's because he didn't get enough sleep." Bing-o, Ellie! :-)


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

so great - that kid is the next picasso

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