Thursday, July 03, 2008


I suppose different strategies are used by parents for different kids. Some probably “win” by means of physical force—you know, picking the child up and taking them out of trouble—. Sometimes I suppose distractions or bribes are the answer. But with Ellie, it usually comes down to a battle of wits. And she can be quite a formidable challenge with her creative argumentation.

Apparently this morning, Crystal caught her putting her feet on the dining room table while sitting in her high-chair (a definite no-no).

“Ellie, please take your feet off the table.”

“Ohhhh....awwight....[thoughtful pause—looks down]....but there are crocodiles down there!”

“Oh really?”

Looks again..... “ ones!”

Well, uhhhh, given the alternatives, I guess it’s ok to leave your feet on the table then.


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