Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Literacy, Numeracy, and Artistry

Sometimes it's hard not to talk about the amazing things one's kids are doing, so I guess I'll stop trying to restrain myself for a moment.....

Isla (just past her second birthday) started counting the other day and surprised us by heading right up the line to 8. Seemed pretty impressive. Then tonight she went to 14. Who knows where she goes next? She's also pretty funny singing the alphabet song. A B C D...M N O P....S T C D....C D C D C D....or something like that.

Meanwhile, Ellie continues her love affair with drawing. When we had our parent-teacher conference at her kindergarten last week they also noted her love for and skill at drawing. So I thought I'd share a few of my favorites from the last few months. (We have piles and piles of drawings -- only the particular keepers are added to the pile, otherwise we'd be completely overrun every week!)

She made a book of cutout dog silhouettes. I was amazed at the different dynamic poses. A few samples:

Here's a copy she did of a Valentine's card that she particularly liked:

Her favorite movie for a long while was Disney's version of Robin Hood. Here's a scene where Robin (a fox), disguised as a stork, wins the archery contest to gain a kiss from Maid Marion:

Always warming to romance, her favorite part of the film is Robin and Marion getting married and going off on their "marrying trip". Here's here depiction of her own wedding when "I finally get married" (!). Notice that she has her lei on — all ready for that marrying trip to Hawaii!

She's been enjoying a book on "how to draw people" that gives some step-by-step instructions for a wide range of people and their activities. Unsatisfied to just draw the people, she has to situate them within stories. Here's an ice skater with her hair flying as she skates so fast, protected by helmet and pads, playing a game with a net and a ball:

A diver and swimmer (Ellie and Isla love their weekly visit to the pool):

Finally, here's a mommy helping her baby walk as her legs collapse underneath her, guiding her over to her trolley so she can practice. The other person has their leg in a cast. Maybe they fell down while learning to walk.... The planked, brown wooden floor is what we have at our house. She really enjoys figuring out the hidden lines as she draws these things. I'm guessing the trolley was a last-minute addition!

And no blog is complete without new pictures of the girls themselves. Here are a couple of shots from Saturday's play time in the park.


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Wow! Those are all great. I especially like the one of Robin Hood dressed like a stork. She's got serious talent!

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