Wednesday, March 23, 2005

March Snowstorms Bring March Flowers

One sign of having neglected one's blog is to have an entire season pass by without comment. Not that so much time has gone by without bloggerations, but the season has changed so fast!

How much time do you think has passed between these two photos out of our upstairs window? Three months? Two? Would you believe three weeks? No kidding. We've gone from Winter Wonderland to sunny spring strolls in the blink of an eye. Fantastic.

Life keeps on changing in many ways, with lots more ahead!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Gymnast Bunny

We had our penultimate ultrasound scan today at one day shy of 32 weeks (that's 57 days left 'til our May 3rd due date!!). Everything seems to be dandy -- the technicians definitely understand parent anxiety and seem to say "Perfect! That's just perfect!" as they check each detail of Bunny's growth. For the numerically-oriented, here are the growth graphs that show her currently at 3lbs 10oz (which is around the 25th percentile, or "perfect" -- especially by Crystal's reckoning, who likes the estimated birth weight of 7lbs). You can compare them with the ones from 28 week scan.

All systems are go: Biparietal Diameter (BPD), Head Circumference (HC), Abdominal Circumference (AC), as well as for Femur Length (FL), Estimated Fetal Weight (EFW), quantity of amniotic aluid, and blood flow through the umbilical artery.

For those who are more visually-oriented, here are a couple of snapshots. The pictures aren't really as nice as the earlier ones because she's gotten to be so much bigger, but you can make out the basic features of her face in the first one.

Then in the second we got a picture of her foot, which looks pretty giant next to her head...she might just take after her father!

The reason I called her a gymnast in the title is that Crystal and I listen for her heartbeat most nights with the stethescope and she's been very kindly orienting herself head down. Crystal regularly reminds her to make sure and stay that way! Well today she gave us the surprise of being head up! Crystal remarked, "I thought she had been up to something!" Nobody is concerned about this, but if she's still that way at 36 weeks then she might get a little "persuading" to turn around. Hear that, Bunny?? Crystal said it seems like she's done some shifting around in the course of the day, so maybe she'll be flipped back over again when we check again a little later.

As a closing bit, Crystal graciously allowed me to take a picture of her growing bump and even more graciously allowed me to share her with you. Isn't she beautiful?