Friday, July 25, 2008

Kissable Cheeks

Some cheeks constantly challenge one's ability to resist kissing them. We're not very good at resisting.

And who knew that Ellie had been carefully observing me in the night? She often comments in the morning that my snoring woke her up and she looked in the bed to make sure it was me. (I'm hoping this is more of a ritual-story-pattern than a nightly reality!). In any case, she presented me with this drawing today. Fortunately, she's always happy to give an interpretation.

That's me, lying in my bed, on my pillow, eyes closed, mouth frowning, with my arms out but the rest of me covered with a blanket. And there's my nightstand over to the side. When Crystal asked about why I had a frowny face, Ellie was all ready with an answer, "That's because he didn't get enough sleep." Bing-o, Ellie! :-)

Friday, July 11, 2008

She Looked Straight At Me and I Looked Straight Back

Isla's pretty excited to catch her parents' eyes these days, and once she does, it's hard to look away again!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Non-English Tea

Ever since Nana's visit, sun tea has been a regular around here. Now you might wonder how one makes sun tea when it's cloudy and rainy in England, but that didn't deter Nana and it doesn't slow Crystal down much either. So out the jar goes in all sorts of weather. It might have even have been hailed on yesterday! Today was an alternative downpour of warm sunshine and cloudy downpours, but it somehow managed to become tea nonetheless.

Of course, the English take their tea hot, with milk. Iced tea is an oddly American (and Southern American at that) delicacy and people around here are happy to leave it all for us.

Ellie seems to have gained a bit of English taste. She took a look at the jar and declared, "I don't like sun tea." Crystal decided to probe. "Why not, Ellie?" Always ready with an explanation, Ellie replied, "Well, I'm not from Texas am I?" Oh my, Ellie — don't tell Papa!


Ellie made us a bit nervous by complaining about her knee hurting for a couple of days and then starting to limp around at playgroup today. Crystal rang the doctor at 10:40am and was given an appointment for 11:45am (socialized medicine is terrible for its long waiting lists, isn't it?). The doctor poked and prodded a little bit, took her temperature, and declared her fine. Ellie, always susceptible to the placebo effect, thinks this doctor is a miracle worker!

When everyone got home safely, I was talking to her about her medical adventure. I pointed out that Mummy is a doctor, too. Observing that Mummmy's poking and prodding didn't have the desired effect, Ellie pointed out, "Yeah...but she's not a very good one". Oh my.

Isla, ever full of smiles, has now discovered the joy of playing with Mummy's and Daddy's hands, not to mention the joy of sucking her thumb!

Thursday, July 03, 2008


I suppose different strategies are used by parents for different kids. Some probably “win” by means of physical force—you know, picking the child up and taking them out of trouble—. Sometimes I suppose distractions or bribes are the answer. But with Ellie, it usually comes down to a battle of wits. And she can be quite a formidable challenge with her creative argumentation.

Apparently this morning, Crystal caught her putting her feet on the dining room table while sitting in her high-chair (a definite no-no).

“Ellie, please take your feet off the table.”

“Ohhhh....awwight....[thoughtful pause—looks down]....but there are crocodiles down there!”

“Oh really?”

Looks again..... “ ones!”

Well, uhhhh, given the alternatives, I guess it’s ok to leave your feet on the table then.