Thursday, February 05, 2009

Artists in the Family

Ellie produces artwork at much too high a rate to properly document — or even store! But I particularly liked this one, so thought I'd share it with you. It's a favorite activity: making pizza with Mummy. (Crystal might describe it more as Ellie's excuse for eating lots of olives before they make it on to the pizza).

So here's Crystal (in her stripey sweater) constructing the Friday night pizza with Ellie -- you got your pepperoni, your mushrooms (the T-shaped black things), olives, and cheese. The reddish purple line coming out of Mummy is her arm, but the purple shape behind them is the door to the dining room, where undoubtedly I'm ready to eat the results!

While packing up for the move, I ran across my "Watercolor a Day" calendar that I was supposed to be painting each day (back in 2006....oops!). Well, I did do two of them, so only 363 to go. I thought I'd share them because they're more fun to look at after they've mellowed in a desk drawer for a few years.

While we're talking watercolor, our church home group gave us a lovely going-away gift last night: a painting of the Welwyn Garden City fountain, where Ellie has enjoyed many a run. This will be a nice reminder of our time here.

And to finish off our artistic packing break, here's a photo of the same fountain that I snapped a few months back while trying to learn how to use my camera.