Sunday, April 10, 2005

Sure is Green

Green. Very green. About as green as I can imagine.

The story keeps going through my mind of my parents moving into their new house some 35 years ago. They wanted the kitchen to be a bright cheery yellow. Apparently the first morning in the bright yellow cheer was one morning too many, so when cooler heads prevailed a paler yellow was applied.

I keep stepping into our nursery to look at the blue sky and the white puffy clouds, and the green hills. We tested a good number of blues and greens before selecting Homebase Pale Green. "Pale"....hmmm. (Did I mention that they are very green?) Crystal assures me it's lovely, and I have enough confidence to go ahead and add the second coat. We'll see!

I was thinking how I should have been posting pictures all along of our progress on this nursery decorating plan. But that would have given too many opportunities for y'all to see the plans that didn't quite work out right, not to mention seeing how slowly we work! In the meantime, just


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