Saturday, May 28, 2005

Pulling Up Weeds

Just to let you know that not everything going on here in Durham revolves around Ellie, I thought I'd let you peek in on Nana and me doing a little gardening. It was an absolutely lovely day (the 35 mph winds notwithstanding) so it seemed like a good time to get out there and see what could be done with our jungle. Our landlord had put in a flower bed that has long since become a bed of weeds. So I started digging things up (gosh, those weeds put down same hardy roots!). Before long Nana couldn't resist getting up from her sewing machine and coming out to help. Crystal was trapped with Ellie being omni-hungry but ventured out to make sure we were doing things right and take a few pictures.

I later went out and weeded a second bed beside the fence. Somewhere in here we're going to attempt some better-late-than-never vegetable growing. We'll see how it goes. You'll also see there in the corner our newly acquired compost bin (courtesy of the Durham City Council). It's good to be composting again, though I keep forgetting and throwing things in the trash — but Nana always catches me with an "Ah, ah, ahhhh...compost!" (By the way, pay no attention to our neighbor's lush green lawn on the other side of the fence...we're just getting started).

And since I know you didn't come here to see our garden, here's a new picture of Ellie shortly after Daddy gave her a bath for the first time (his first, not hers). She seems to have survived, but was happy to see Mommy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

She is absolutely beautiful! I don't know that I've ever seen such a pretty baby. I've had your gift for a while but haven't mailed it yet. Hopefully it will be on the way soon.

6:24 PM  

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