Friday, May 20, 2005

Some Days Tears Must Fall

In my Old Testament studies, I'm looking at how God sometimes brings pain upon his people. It's hard to hear Ellie's cries and we do everything we can to prevent any discomfort. But pain comes in different kinds -- a dirty diaper can be changed to make things better, but sometimes there's nothing you can do about a little tummy gas. Day 6 of life in the UK means a heel prick for a few drops of blood -- just enough to screen for problems that can be ameliorated with early intervention. So today Margaret came armed with her weapon of pain and healing -- making Ellie cry for a higher good.

You can witness it a little yourself by clicking on the image above. I think you'll also enjoy Margaret's melodic accent!

But what better way to wipe the tears from a little girl's eyes than with new clothes? Our British friends are astonished at Ellie's eight pair of shoes lined up in her nursery. The jellies probably get the most coos, but I'm partial to the bunny slippers. And she's all ready for the great outdoors with her 'coon boots! Meanwhile, Crystal is struggling to keep up with all of the clothes that have come pouring in from our generous friends and family. She sorted and organized things today so that we can rotate larger things into the dresser as Ellie grows. Ellie, I think you may be the best dressed member of this household!


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