Saturday, May 21, 2005

I'm Going Shopping!


To celebrate the last day of her first week of life, Ellie decided to head into downtown Durham for some shopping. It's great fun to have both strangers and friends stop you in the street to admire her (especially since people tell me how much she looks like me! :-). Our friend Karen chased us down for a look. Rita at the fabric store has been watching Crystal grow as she regularly stopped by for more nursery fabrics, so she was looking forward to the day we brought Ellie by.

We found some luscious strawberries on sale at this fruit stand and they have just finished their process of becoming strawberry-banana ice cream (drop by for a taste!). Nana couldn't resist having her picture taken by a red British phone box.

This really is a beautiful city. Here's the market square with St. Nic's Church in the background. Crystal and Ellie are going to play hooky in the morning (gotta get that feeding schedule thing worked out...), but Nana and I will venture out for services. Sorry for the bouncy video but Ellie obviously enjoyed her first visit to High Street (click the image below for the video).

All in all, it was a very successful outing. We found a nightlight for Ellie, a waste bin for the nursery, batteries for the baby monitor, a changing mat, a ribbon from which to hang Ellie's cards in her room, sewing thread, etc. etc.

After such an eventful day, it's no wonder that Ellie ended up plumb tuckered.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Rob and Crystal. Thanks for the birth announcement. That was a beautiful picture of her. Yes, the baby is the best-dressed member of the household for the next, oh, 18 or so years, we figure. Hope you like you current wardrobe! And one of our comforts was hearing from all our friends how feeding schedules never matched with church time. That may keep up for a good 6 months - you'll struggle to get to church and then wonder why you bothered because you end up missing most of it. Knowing that others had the same problem helped us to de-stress greatly.
Becky and Allen

7:33 AM  

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