Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Gardening with my Little Girl

What would life in England be without an English garden to putter about in? Well, "an English weed bed" might be a bit more like it. Which is why there is the puttering bit, you see.

The recent project has been to convert some of these aforementioned weed beds into something more respectable, like lawn for example. What could be a tiring and backbreaking job is made much more enjoyable by having Ellie join me. As you can see, she mainly plays a supervisory role (and mostly with her eyes closed).

She really loves being outdoors. The breezes, the smells, the sounds, even the little misty raindrops all seem to please and soothe her. Sometimes when she's screaming her little heart out I warn her, "Don't make me take you out into the garden!" She gets all excited and off we go to see how the radishes are coming along. The sun hits her face and she calms right down.

And for a theology student, it's pretty calming to be out there, too. Not to mention that my sadistic side comes out when I start pulling dandelions (wow those taproots are amazing). "Just a few more and I'll be in for dinner!"


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