Sunday, June 19, 2005

Easy Classic Listening

One present that we are greatly enjoying (thanks Joel and Teresa!) is the Classic FM For Babies 2-CD set. The music is both fun and soothing, and the program notes are hilarious. Here's an example from the notes for Bach's Aria from the Goldberg Variations:

Of all the pieces on this CD, this one probably has the most authentic credentials, in that it was actually written with the idea of getting someone off to sleep. Admittedly, there's probably little similarity between your precious bundle of yum and Johann Goldberg, the man who commissioned the Variations from Bach — Goldberg's boss, Count 'Sheep' Kaiserling, was an insomniac. This Aria is possibly one of the most perfect things you can do with a piano.
No idea if the music will spark Ellie's intelligence, or even put her to sleep, but it calms her occasionally-tired parents' nerves. :-)

Teresa drew in the identifying R and C on the cover of the CD, and even drew in Ellie's coon boots so we'd be sure to recognize her.


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