Monday, September 19, 2005

Caught Red Handed

One might think with a site named "Coffee with Barretts" that there would be more discussion of coffee around here. Well there probably should be, but don't think that it's because there isn't alot of coffee activity around here. There is and I'm sure you'll hear more about it.

One part of the morning coffee ritual is the grinding of the freshly roasted beans. Being half Luddite and half cheapskate, I found a nice Zassenhaus manual coffee grinder on eBay. With a little effort it makes a pleasing grinding noise and nicely ground coffee.


Ellie really enjoys both the aural and visual aspects of the process so I usually make sure she has a front row seat. But this morning I was distracted for a moment, and when I turned around, guess who had decided to make herself a little cuppa? Sweetheart, don't you know that will stunt your growth??

I think the fun is just beginning on this front, but it's a delight to see Ellie gain new abilities each week. Last week she was able to bend her back and neck to look all around and behind her. And now she definitely gets her eye on something that she wants and starts reaching, bobbing and shouting until one of us gets it for her. I expect life will get exciting when she starts to get mobile....


Blogger abigail said...

Ellie looks gorgous! She's changed so much since I last saw her (and you!)

8:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mobile my elbow...just wait until I teach her how to shoot!

Proud Papa

3:10 AM  

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