Monday, October 06, 2008

Sitting Around

Most people think Ellie looks like Crystal, but she thinks she looks like me and Isla looks like her mummy. Regardless, I think she's perfected my "writer's block" look.

Meanwhile, Isla is pretty proud of her new ability to sit up on her own. She's decided to just skip the rolling over thing (although there are rumors she can do it, she seems to prefer shouting until one of us rolls her over!). By the way, don't try this pose at home—she's a trained professional. I'd hate to see you in traction.

Finally, in the beautiful-shots-from-the-garden department, Crystal told me to bring my camera with me one morning as I came down for breakfast. The back garden was filled with pearly-dewed spiderwebs! It was amazing.


Blogger Allen, Becky and Stephen Priest said...

I love that picture of Ellie looking bored. That's a great shot! It reminds me of a song by Andrew Peterson on his "Slugs and Bugs and Lullabies" album:

The Boy Who was Bored

“I’m bored,” says me, “I’m bored,” I say.
My toys have all run out of play.
And I’ve been sitting here all day
Without a thing to do.

My shield won’t block,
My sword won’t slay
They’re made of plastic, anyway.
And make-believe would be ok, but
None of it is true.

I’d go and get my baseball mitt
But my baseball hasn’t moved one bit.
Besides, my bat is out of hit
So why go out and play with it.

My wooden pony is in the shed,
And all my Army men are dead.
There is no monster ‘neath my bed.
“I’m bored,” says me, I say.

Well the slide, down at the park is slid.
The hide-and-seek has all been hid.
I’d ride my bike but it’s been rid’.
Such a sad thing, when a kid,
Has sat around all day without a thing to do.
“Hey! Can I come play with you?”

(I hope I'm not breaking some internat'l copyright thing here. Anyone who reads this should go out and buy the album. Just kidding, but it is a great album.)

And that picture of the spider web - wow! Nice shot.

Rob, we think of you often and speak of you often to our friends. You have had a profound affect on our lives. I wonder when we'll get to see you again. Maybe you'll find yourself in San Diego sometime and you can look us up. That'd be awesome. In the meantime, we'll try to stay connected through our blogs.

May God bless you and Crystal and lead you clearly in His mission!

Allen Priest

3:25 PM  

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